Royal Ascot 2019: Day four racegoers enjoy the sunshine in bright and revealing dresses

Royal Ascot 2019 day four has begun, with racegoers arriving in force this morning. The weather is much improved on the rest of the week today, with the sun finally coming out. Many guests took advantage of the higher temperatures to flash the flesh, while others chose to wear a host of vibrant colours. Men and women from across the country posed for cameras as they made their way in to the racing area.

Royal Ascot 2019: Day four racegoers push back against dress code in revealing dresses

Getting in to the spirit of the jolly mood, champagne was flowing, with racegoers seen tucking in to bubbles throughout the morning.

As always at Ascot, the best millinary was also on display, with women opting for bold hat designs sure to catch attention.

Yesterday was Ladies Day, with some of the most eye-catching looks seen on the grass.

The Royal Family have been out in force for the event, with the Queen attending every day so far. Yesterday, Her Majesty wore grey with a pop of yellow.

Lady Gabriella Windsor was spotted just weeks after her lavish wedding in May, and Princess Eugenie – who got married at the same venue as Lady Gabriella back in October – stepped out in vibrant blue.

What is the Royal Ascot dress code?

Known for being strictly implemented, the Royal Ascot dress code is one of the tightest in the racing world.

Royal Ascot produce a detailed guideline every year for guests to follow to ensure there are no style blunders.

The most stringent rules apply in the Royal Enclosure, with ladies having to wear dresses or skirts that fall just above the knee or longer.

Straps must be one inch or greater, with strapless, halter neck and spaghetti straps banned. Midriffs are also not allowed to be on display.

While trouser suits are allowed, they must be full length on the leg and matching material and colour.

Most importantly, hats must be worn, although headpieces with a solid four inch base are permitted. Fascinators are not allowed.

Men must wear black or grey morning dress which includes a waistcoat, tie, top hat and black shoes worn with socks.

This dress code is followed not only by guests but also by members of the Royal Family who attend.

The Queen Anne Enclosure and the Village Enclosure are slightly more relaxed, with fascinators allowed, and dresses or tops with thin straps permitted.

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