'Sassy' North West's social media outbursts are a cry for attention from mom Kim Kardashian, parenting expert reveals | The Sun

NORTH West's "sassy" social media posts may be a sign that she's not feeling very secure, according to one parenting consultant.

In fact, the expert says her habit of acting out and mocking her mom in front of the camera is clear attention-seeking behavior and screams of a need to remind Kim Kardashian that North is more important than her followers.

Just before Christmas, nine-year-old North shared a TikTok video set to audio of her own mother's voice — and her expressions were less than flattering.

She pulled faces while she mimicked her mom, sensationalizing her mom's statements.

It wasn't the first time North mocked the Skims founder on social media: In early December, North crashed Kim's Instagram Story video and called her out.

In the clip, the Kardashian mogul showed off the Christmas decorations in and around her $60million Calabasas mansion, telling fans: "On the balcony, I put all of these trees in a line it's so beautiful."

But North was having none of it, retorting: "Well, you didn't do it yourself."

A month prior, North shared a TikTok video in which she mercilessly mocked Kim, acting out an infamous TV meltdown.

But is her behavior harmless fun and a way to show Kim is a down-to-earth parent — or a sign of behavioral problems to come?

Parenting consultant Kirsty Ketley gives her view to The U.S. Sun.

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"North West may only be nine years old, but she is taking TikTok by storm," she says.

"She's uploading the kind of content that you would expect from a child of her age — think funny dance routines with her bestie, but also showcasing her make-up artistry talents, something which she is apparently taking classes in.

"Kim has revealed that she caved in and allowed North to have a Tiktok account as she felt that if her cousins and peers all had accounts, then she should too.

"However, sensibly, Kim has strict rules on how North uses her Tiktok account — it is an account that is joint with her, North can only post when she is with Kim and all comments are disabled.

"This hasn’t, however, stopped fans from noticing that
in many of the videos that are uploaded, North mimics her mom and aunties.

"And recently on Kim’s Instagram stories, she calls her mom out on the things she is saying.

"While it can come across as funny, this sassy behavior from North isn’t as laugh-out-loud as it may seem.

"Sassiness in a pre-teen is nothing new, and some sass is not an issue. Tweens (ages 9 -12) are finding their feet with independence and they like testing the water with rules and boundaries.

"They are going on a new journey of self-discovery, no longer little kids anymore, but not yet teenagers either, so it can be a tricky stage to navigate.

"North has reached this stage and been given a platform in which to showcase herself to the world.

"She will be aware of the kind of content that other kids, her peers, are uploading and there will be some need to compete, and this can lead to the sassiness that we see — do something that will make people laugh, regardless of whether it is hurtful to or embarrassing her mom and family.

"It also comes across as attention-seeking behavior. Being rude and embarrassing her mom in front of millions of people could be her way of letting her mom know she is more important than her mom’s followers.

"She may not be feeling very secure and uses her ‘comedy’ as an outlet.

"North will be very aware of her family’s fame and the circus that surrounds it — she was recently seen to be telling photographers 'no photos,' suggesting that she hates the intrusion that she and the family get.

"Yet because she is only nine, she won’t understand that being on TikTok causes her and her mom to be in the limelight more.

"Seeing her mom and aunties spending so much time on social media will also mean that she sees social media as something that is the ‘norm’ and she will be watching and learning.

"Dealing with a sassy child is not for the faint-hearted, and while it is just another phase that kids go through, it is something that needs addressing.

"Kim should be looking at ways to help her daughter navigate her way through this stage of adolescence while being in the spotlight.

"Instilling the importance of treating people with kindness and respect is important, and she should ensure that she follows the rule herself — role modeling is one of the most vital parts of parenting, after all.

"That means modeling respectful, polite language in all aspects of her life.

"This also means that she will need to respond to North’s sassy behavior in a non-sassy way herself, staying calm and showing North how best to manage her feelings of frustration or anger in a more socially appropriate way.

"To help North feel secure in her relationship with her mom, she needs to ensure that the time they spend together is good, quality time.

"This means that the phones are put away, that there are no other distractions, and that Kim makes time for North away from her siblings and wider family."

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