Savvy mum shares her 'gooiest' Nutella cake recipe – it's only two ingredients and ready to eat in 20 minutes | The Sun

A SAVVY mum has shared her quick and easy recipe for the gooiest chocolate cake – and you only need two ingredients.

Claudia posted the simple 'snack hack' on TikTok and it's left other parents completely obsessed.

Wanting to use up some of the ingredients she already had in her kitchen cupboards, the mum-of-three used supermarket own-brand Nutella and four eggs to make the chocolatey snack.

To start, she added one cup, or roughly 250g, of the chocolate spreadand four large eggs to a bowl and whisked them together.

"I do want to point out this is looking freaking rank right this second," Claudia said.

Although the recipe she followed recommended whisking the egg whites before mixing in the yolks and Nutella, the foodie found her method of mixing everything together turned out just as well.


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"This is a snack hack, no one has time for that," she said.

Once everything was mixed together the cake went into the oven at 180C for 20 to 25 minutes.

Impressively, the cake exceeded the mum's expectations and even smelt amazing.

"That is so good, so so so good, no exaggeration, so freaking good," she raved.

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Other parents were impressed with her hack too, with some convinced it was going to be a fail until they saw the finished cake.

"I honestly thought it was going to come out looking like chocolate scrambled eggs," one commented.

A second wrote: "This looks yum! Could throw some peanuts or fresh raspberry in or something maybe too."

"I've done this before with just eggs and sugar-free choc and it's actually really yummy," another said.

"I wonder if this would work with Biscoff," someone else mused.

And another said: "I'm going to buy the stuff to make this today, looks like a brownie!"

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