Say “I do” in one of these bridal microtrends, which are about to be everywhere

Written by Naomi May

These teeny-tiny bridal microtrends are about to blow up in the world of weddings.

You’ve got the ring, you’ve got the dress and (hopefully) you’ve got the partner. The only things left to organise for your wedding are the accessories.

If you’ve resigned yourself to reaching for either something old, something new or something borrowed to lend a helping sartorial hand to your bridal ensembles, then now is the time to consider a different and decidedly blingier approach.  

Best bridal accessory trends 2022: bags, bows and veils

Given the rise of the low-key bride, a trend that centres on wedding-ready slip dresses, jumpsuits and two-piece suits, accessories have actually never come in handier to add a touch of fashion jazz hands to an otherwise pared-back bridal ensemble. And there’s a stable of bridal microtrends that are slowly but surely making their way up the totem pole of popularity on trendsetting app of the moment TikTok.

Think show-stopping additions to make any and all bridal ensembles really sing with joy, the way one would hope to on their big day. If you’re ready to say I do, refuse to say it to anything less than perfection. These are the bridal microtrends to know this year.

Best bridal bags 

Best bridal accessory trends 2022: bags, bows and veils

With the buffet of things already on your list to be remembered on your big day, don’t let the stress of holding your daily essentials (hand sanitiser, lipstick et al) put a dampener on your nuptials. Think about it: what could be better than having a dinky vessel at hand to hold lippie for top-ups, powder for any tear-stained cheeks and a mini perfume for last-minute spritzes?

Grace Loves Lace, the most-pinned bridal brand on Pinterest, has recently dipped its toe into the bridal accessory pond with a range of creamy silken backpacks, perfect for combining practicality with prettiness. 

Best bridal bows

Best bridal accessory trends 2022: bags, bows and veils

As far as purse-friendly bridal accessories go, a bridal bow is as simple but statement-making as wedding microtrends come. For those opting for a chic up-do, a bridal bow can elevate a bridal ensemble with minimal effort required; and for those keeping their hair down, a pared-back bow can add a helping hand of jazz hands without making too much of a fuss.

It’s no wonder that the hashtag for bridal bows on TikTok has amassed 17,800 views so far this year alone. In short, a bow is a bridal no-brainer.  

Best pearl veils

Best bridal accessory trends 2022: bags, bows and veils

Having amassed 7.8 million views on the TikTok hashtag already this year, pearl veils are very much making a resurgence just in time for wedding season. The once-frumpy-now-fashionable accessory might be steeped in tradition, but for many brides, the veil is back with a vengeance.

Forget the being girl with the pearl earring, which is so 2021, and get ready to become The Girl With The Pearl Veil. 

Best bridal boleros

Best bridal accessory trends 2022: bags, bows and veils

In its debut bridal offering, British brand Rixo dipped its toe into bridal accoutrements for the first time while simultaneously making the case for bridal blouses and boleros doing so. The 26-piece limited-edition collection was sold alongside vintage gems sourced by the label’s magpie founders Orlagh McCloskey and Henrietta Rix.

For when the temperatures plummet during the evening reception, a delicate bridal bolero will keep the chill at bay, leaving you to do more of the important wedding day activities (namely drinking champagne and dancing).

Best bridal gloves

Best bridal accessory trends 2022: bags, bows and veils

It’s no secret that gloves of the Old Hollywood-inspired opera variety have flooded the realms of TikTok. Now, elbow-length silky gloves are being co-opted by brides, signalling the most Covid-friendly bridal trend of all. Simply slip the Audrey Hepburn-approved gloves onto your arms and pair with a bridal minidress and pared-back micro mules, et voila. “I do”, here she comes.

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