Sleeper Expands Into Swimwear

This week, contemporary loungewear fashion brand Sleeper has expanded into swimwear. Founded by former fashion editors Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa in 2014, the label has gained a cult following for its fashionable pajamas, breezy frocks and “Athpleasure” fashions.

A look at Sleeper’s swimwear launch. MRBELAN

“There is an irony in this concept, and we love it. Swimwear has become a logical continuation of the Athpleasure line since swimming is such a pleasant summer activity,” Varetsa told WWD. “You can also wear the swimsuit with leggings and pretend that you are the heroine of the movie ‘Flashdance.’”

A look at Sleeper’s swimwear launch. MRBELAN

The line includes a singular “Ariel” sporty maillot silhouette, $135 from XS to XL on the brand’s e-commerce, offered in two styles: one, with a detachable ruffled basque belt at the wait, the other, with ruffles on the straps. Both are offered in a playful palette of purple, orange, pink and classic black, and made from certified recycled polyamide (certified according to both the Global Recycling Standard and Oeko-Tex 100, with no environmentally hazardous chemicals used in production).

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