Stay-at-home mums are lazy gold-diggers and should pull their weight by getting a REAL job, man claims

ASK a stay-at-home mum what exactly it is she does all day and she'll be able to reel off a list of chores longer than your arm.

But while most parents know this to be true, one man has been slammed online after he branded all stay-at-home mums "lazy gold-diggers" who should get a "real" job. Yes, REALLY.

Earlier this week, the man – known only as Jonathan – came across the 'Stay At-Home Mum' page on Facebook and decided to send the admin a message.

He raged: "This encourages females not to be in the workplace and to rely on men. No I'm not a feminist.

"I just think women shouldn't be lazy. Men take care of kids and work a full-time job. Why shouldn't the females bring in half their weight as well?"

The man then went onto to lecture the women about "balanced" relationships and insisted that both men and women should do "half and half" of work and childcare.

He continued: "Being with a man so he can work hard and give all his money to you, while you stay home with the kids is not a 'job' and not okay."

Branding stay-at-home mums "gold-diggers", Jonathan concluded: "Taking advantage of someone and treating a man like a bank is not okay.

Unsurprisingly, the admin then shared a screenshot of the message with members of the group – and it sparked absolute fury among the mums.

One replied: "Let's talk about childcare, Jonathan.

"In my state, it is $600 [£325] per child. At least. I homeschool SEVEN children. I am saving us $4,200 [£2275] a month by staying at home and freeloading off of my husband."

Another fumed: "You'll often find gold diggers don't have kids or if they do they have full time carers for the kids while they enjoy their husbands money."

"I would much rather work than be a stay home mum," a third wrote. "Even though I still do a majority of raising our kids, and the cooking and cleaning."

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