Summer’s Hottest New Shoe Will Make You Feel Like You’re Vacationing in Italy

It’s officially that time of year when it feels like everyone is vacationing along the coast of Italy while you’re at your desk crying (unless you’re one of the lucky ones). But if you don’t have a trip to Positano or Capri booked this summer, a new shoe brand is here to give you your Italian fix anyway.

In a sea of quickly passing trends seemingly tailored for Instagram, Leonora Arslani found herself looking to old photos and memories of her late great aunt Giovanna for style inspiration instead. So much so that she decided to launch Giovanna, a brand inspired by—and named after—her chic Italian aunt.

“I was named for my great aunt Giovanna (Giovanna is my middle name) and always felt connected to her,” Arslani tells “As a young girl, I would visit her seaside home in Marina di San Nicola near Rome and remember being awestruck by the beautiful, exotic items in her closet and how she effortlessly put things together. Giovanna was known for her style and uniquely independent spirit. I loved the idea of creating a collection that could reflect the elements of her closet, recreating it for modern day.”

Giovanna’s debut collection includes a range of handwoven mules and sandals done in a mix of colors and stripes. Perfectly capturing the essence of an Italian summer getaway, the vacation-friendly footwear ranges in price from $195 to $250. While naked sandals and flip flops seem to be reigning as Summer 2019’s must-have shoes, the woven mules are a pleasant disruptor to the current It shoes making the Instagram rounds.

Encompassing the spirit of Giovanna, Arslani is designing for “someone who isn’t afraid to mix things up in their closet, draws inspiration from travel, and knows that a great accessory can make an outfit.”

But how does one master the art of looking just as chic as the late Great Aunt Giovanna did? Arslani explains the key, “A sense of effortlessness is important when mastering that chic Italian look for summer. Giovanna always looked chic and put together without it seeming forced and often times that meant she would focus on one key accessory—a shoe, purse, headscarf, etc.”

Though the brand’s debut only includes shoes, Arslani hopes to expand into other accessory categories in the future, “I’m going to keep layering different items into the closet, adding things that I love and pulling inspiration from all aspects of my life, as long as it is something I am confident Giovanna would have worn!”

The first collection of Giovanna shoes is available to shop now at

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