Supernanny viewers in tears as mum reveals she can’t get over loss of baby at 24 weeks – and fears losing her hubby too

VIEWERS of last night’s Supernanny US were left in tears after a mum revealed she is struggling to get over losing a baby at 24 weeks pregnant.

Mum-of-two Nicole Ostler admitted on the E4 show that she now fears she will lose her husband Dane because of his dangerous job as a firefighter.

This week’s episode saw childcare expert Jo visit the Ostler family where Nicole and Dane were struggling to deal with their sons Jax, six, and Kaydin, four.

Nicole explained that she is plagued with anxiety about being left alone with her boys as she grieves the loss of her first child.

Speaking to the Supernanny, Nicole said: “I need things to change so I don't have those fears of losing something again.

“I could lose my husband at any time because he's got a really dangerous job.

“I just feel like I could lose anything, because so much has been taken.”

Nicole’s emotional admission left viewers highly emotional, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One said: “20 minutes into supernanny and I'm an emotional wreck already.”

“Crying at supernanny why am I like this” tweeted another.

A third wrote: “I had to bite (my) lip. Tears in my eyes. I felt what Nicole said.”

Nicole lost her first son Braydn at 24 weeks after going into early labour with placenta previa (when the placenta covers a woman’s cervix).

The tearful mum explained that her son was alive just two hours before he passed away.

Jo was extremely sympathetic, saying: “I really feel for Nicole, she’s been through a lot, the loss of her own child – it must be absolutely devastating.

“Emotionally it must be so overwhelming.”

Jo wanted to focus on helping Nicole manage her stress and anxiety better so that she can become a better parent to her two sons.

Nicole explained that Dane’s demanding job often leaves her feeling like a “single parent” and that she struggles when it comes to disciplining her boys.

In a bid to help the ailing mum, Jo organised her to regular visit a therapist to help her deal with her loss after being shocked to learn the couple hadn’t been offered after-care.

Asked what else she could do to improve her parenting, Nicole said: “Start being OK with who I am.”

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