The baby names at risk of going EXTINCT in the UK – plus the ones stealing the popularity crown

BABY names are always a hot topic for expectant parents, but there are some monikers that are falling off the grid and may cease to exist.

New research done by My Nametags has revealed a selection of baby names that could fade into the mist and those names which are taking centre stage.

They looked at over 1.5million names over a ten-year period – and this is what it has to say.

What out if your name is Gemma and Kieran, the research revealed that these two names are most at risk of dying out, having declined by more than 65% over the last decade.

Their research showed that only 36 babies called Gemma in 2020 and none this year.

Be on the lookout for babies named Rebecca (-59%), Lauren (-57%), Matthew (-43%) and Ryan (-43%) – as My Nametags’ research suggest that these too are in a severe decline.

These names all made the list of the top 50 most endangered names in the UK.

So what have those names been replaced with?

Recent years have seen new-borns named after popular TV characters or taken inspiration from unusual and unique celebrity names.

My Nametags suggest that this is because the modern parent is surrounded and influenced by all different types of popular culture.

For instance, the uses of the name Aria (+597%) inspired by the character Arya Stark from the best-selling book series and HBO hit-show, Game of Thrones, have skyrocketed in recent years.

The name Emilia, after actress Emilia Clarke, who is best known for her role in the fantasy drama, also makes the list of fastest growing names after seeing an increase of more than 90% in the past ten years.

Other names rising to the top include – Harper (+317%), Mila (+261%), and Penny (+201%), which are inspired by the daughter of Victoria and David Beckham, actress Mila Kunis and Penny Hofstadter, the lead character in the long running sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

Another trend that is on the up is the use of nicknames as given names, which has been increasing over the past few years.

Names such as Albie (+282%), Bertie (+143%), Teddy (+211%), Belle (+95%), and Ronnie (+81%) all make the top 50 fastest growing names ahead of their traditional counterparts Albert, Theodore, Isabel, and Ronald.

This trend was seen first-hand when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex named their son Archie in 2019, in place of the more traditional Archibald.

However, despite the rise in new, uber-modern names, My Nametags revealed that there has been an increase in nostalgic, ‘old-fashioned’ names too.

The names Mabel (+84%), Flora (+91%), Florence (+84%), Rupert (+205%), and Arthur (+104%) are amongst the names that have experienced significant growth during the past 10 years and join the list of the top 50 fastest growing names.

Most recently we’ve seen singer Ellie Goulding use a mix of both traditional and modern for her son’s name – Arthur Ever Winter.

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