The best Amazon purchase I've ever made caught so many fruit flies in my home – they get out of hand in the summer | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER has revealed the Amazon product that's made fruit fly season all the more bearable.

She was shocked by how many of the insects the contraption was able to catch.

Jessica Awadis (@jesicaaaawadis) shared the product recommendation with over 280,000 TikTok followers.

Not only was she impressed with the fly-catcher, $18, but she said it may well be the best thing she's ever purchased from the site.

"This is the best Amazon purchase I have ever made," she said, pulling out a plugin from her wall socket.

She turned the air freshener-looking object around to reveal dozens of dead fruit flies stuck on its back.

Jessica replaced the sticky card hung on the plugin, simply by swapping it out for another.

After she plugged it back in, a blue light returned, revealing how it attracts and traps fruit flies by the masses.

The influencer recommended for those suffering from fruit flies to cop immediately: "Run to Amazon!!" she said.

People agreed that fruit flies were out of control this year and thanked her for the help.

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"Fruit flies are really bad this year," said one commenter.

"I need this immediately, can't stand fruit flies this summer," agreed another.

Others offered their own solution that was not only affordable but some may have on hand in their home.

One person recommended mixing dish soap with vinegar: "Apple cider vinegar, with a few drops of Dawn," said one commenter.

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