There are five icks that interior designers say make your house look ‘cheap and nasty’ – how many are you guilty of? | The Sun

AN interior designer has revealed the five mistakes that people often make, which instantly make your home look cheap and nasty.

So if you want your home to impress, then you’ll need to listen up.

Mr Phoenix Grey, who is also known as ‘Design Daddy’ shared the five interior trends that he would send you to jail for.

Sharing his clip on social media, Phoenix explained: “I hate that I have to have a disclaimer on these, but remember these are all in good fun. There's no reason to take offence over someone else's opinion on the internet.”

He said: “The court is in session and I’m going to take you through the design icks that I will send you to jail for.”

First of all, according to Phoenix feathered accessories have got to go.

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He noted: “The feather lamps and accessories – honestly these are life-sized dust and mite collectors.

“If you have ever seen one of these in stores, you know that if you rub your hand in it, it is a collection of nastiness.

“Honestly, I’m gonna give you five years for this one, because I think a few people have honestly made this mistake.”

Following this, he shared his thoughts on wooden beads, as he added: “Honestly I don’t know where to start with this sentence.

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“They look like something else and if you have those on your table, I’m going to automatically assume this is your subtle way of telling guests that you’re into you know… b*** stuff.

“Ten years.”

When it comes to glass tables, Phoenix revealed: “I’m gonna let you off with a written warning for the first time, but I know you have them because you’re just staring at your guests’ crotch while having dinner.”

With furniture covers, Phoenix claimed: “I’m going to give you a conditional discharge on good behaviour because I get it, we have pets, sometimes we want to protect our furniture.

“But I do not want to see you turning into your grandmother and keeping that cover over them all the time, because trust me, it just looks like your grandmother’s plastic one. 

“If you take them off when your guests are there, you’re going to get off easy, otherwise conditional discharge.”

Finally, Phoenix explained that large branch displays should be avoided at all costs.

He shared: “If you have those large, floral or branch displays in your home, honestly, these are just a nuisance.

“I’m going to give you probation with community service on this one and you have to plant a tree for each branch that you took, because this is annoying as hell.”

Phoenix’s TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @mrphoenixgrey, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 77,100 views in just two days. 

It has 7,689 likes, 205 comments, 140 saves and 38 shares.

Many social media users agreed with Phoenix and were eager to share this in the comments. 

One person said: “YES! To all of them!”

Another added: “The beads are the worst!!”

A third commented: “Spot on.”

At the same time, some TikTok users revealed the trends that they have in their homes. 

Meanwhile, someone else admitted: “Yikes – I’m guilty of the huge branches.”

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Whilst another shared: “Keeping the beads. I am who I am.”

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