There are two toothless pumpkins nestled in this Halloween scene… so how quickly can YOU spot them?

HALLOWEEN IS just around the corner and if you haven't carved your pumpkins out yet now is the time to.

To get you in the mood for the pumpkin-carving season here is a tricky pumpkin-inspired brainteaser to get your brain in the zone.

Jack-o'-lanterns have been around for hundreds of years, once it was a practice used to scare away evil spirits who walk earth-side on Halloween night.

In past times, Brits would have used turnips or large beets to carve faces into, but when the tradition spread to America, it was soon realised that one of America's native fruits, the pumpkin, make the perfect fruit to carve faces into.

Now it is a family-friendly tradition used to dress up your house and invite trick-or-treaters to your door.

With that being said, here is a little Halloween surprise for you.

Can you find the TWO toothless pumpkin faces in the above image?

Contact lenses brand, Feel Good Contacts, has created the puzzle to test your eyes during this spooky season.

Feel Good Contacts have also created another brainteaser you can have a go at, this time testing your maths skills.

So how long do you think it will take for you to work out these puzzles?

If you need a clue to find the pumpkins, look at the bottom half of the image.

Still haven't got it?

Scroll down below for the answers to both quizzes, where you'll find the correct pumpkins circled below and the correct sum for the math problem.

The two toothless pumpkins are both hiding it in the bottom half of the image.

The contrast of glowing-yellow faces and pitch-black ones makes the toothless pumpkins trickier to find, so if you found it, make sure to save a treat for yourself this Halloween!

Ready for the next answer?

The pumpkin equaled 12, the apple was seven and the acorn was two.

Plus, how quickly can you find the black cat hidden in this photo?

Meanwhile, can you recognise these celebs with their Halloween makeover?


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