These $17 Canvas Sneakers Are a Hit Among Amazon Shoppers

Listen, having a pair of fun and funky shoes is great and all, but sometimes you just need something basic and functional that can get the job done. There’s one pair on Amazon that does just that. Costing only $17, the canvas sneakers are an errand-runner's dream: They’re functional and supportive for grocery runs, neighborhood walks, and dinner outings. They’re the simple shoes you can leave by the door and keep on hand for any occasion.

Plus, they’re cute. They have that casual canvas style that is popular from the summer months all the way through fall. And the shoes’ neutral colorways mean that you won’t have to think twice about whether they match an outfit. The white, black, gray, and navy finishes can combine easily with any outfit. 

The shoe’s rounded, minimalistic design allows for them to be worn on any occasion, too. The simple sneaker is a perfect subtle addition to whatever you’ve got on, whether it’s dresses or sweats.

With a cost so low, you’d expect a pair of shoes that wouldn’t outlast an Avengers movie, but Amazon shoppers swear these sneakers are incredibly durable. In fact, they’re so beloved that reviewers are calling them the “perfect casual shoe.” 

“I love these shoes,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I didn’t have to break them in, they’re comfortable right off the bat. I’ve worn them for an entire day without any discomfort.”

More than 1,200 reviewers have all weighed in and given these shoes a stellar 4.3-star rating. With stats like that, and an equally as impressive cost, these are well worth stepping into. Shop them below.

Buy It! Amazon Essentials Lace Up Sneaker in Black and White, $14.56–$17;

Buy It! Amazon Essentials Lace Up Sneaker in Black, $14.56–$17;

Buy It! Amazon Essentials Lace Up Sneaker in Navy, $14.56–$17;

Buy It! Amazon Essentials Lace Up Sneaker in Grey, $14.56–$17;

Buy It! Amazon Essentials Lace Up Sneaker in White, $14.56–$17;

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