This ‘Toy Story’-Inspired Bag Collection Features A Backpack Of Buzz His Iconc Toybox

The release of the Toy Story 4 film premiering June 21 is one of the few places where grown millennials and 3rd graders will fight for tickets. In the meantime, fans can get stoked about Danielle Nicole’s Toy Story-inspired bag collection in celebration of the franchise’ fourth installment. Plus, the cutest Toy Story references are found all throughout this adorable line.

For those unaware of the magical designs Danielle Nicole bags bring to life (and a stylish wardrobe), the designer has made her mark through creating bags with famous moments in pop culture embedded in its seams and straps. From Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, Danielle Nicole has brought television and movie favorites to a clutch or crossbody near you. Now, the bag designer is bringing forth three bags to unleash onto Toy Story fans.

The three-piece collection pays tribute to the two best buddies in the toybox — Woody and Buzz. Shoppers can choose from three different styles in the form of a Buzz Lightyear backpack, a Woody crossbody, and a Buzz Lightyear belt bag.

“I drew inspiration for the Disney Toy Story x DN collection from the original movie," Nicole told Bustle. "I wanted to reinvent our favorite best friends, Buzz and Woody while adding a retro, yet modern fusion. The futuristic metallics used in the Buzz Lightyear belt bag and backpack kept him on trend and out of this world. By using graphic prints and texture blocking for the Woody crossbody, his character was able to come to life. Tying in bold colors for each character helped me keep them true to their original sketches while still creating a throwback to the 90’s that everyone needed.”

Snatch up any (or literally all) of these super nostalgic bags before the Toy Story 4 premiere before they’re gone on as they’re already available online. Prices for this collection are set between $58 and $78.

Here’s what fans can expect in this nostalgic collection.

The design of this Woody Crossbody bag is a throwback to Toy Story 2 where viewers are introduced to Woody’s fictional television show Woody’s Roundup with his horse Bullseye. Danielle Nicole brings Woody and Bullseye together to show no snake is coming for Woody or his little boots. The Woody Crossbody retails for $68.

Buzz Lightyear gets two bags in this collection (sorry Woody) and they’re both very much out of this world. The bags are both silver with a glittery exterior, and both also feature Buzz Lightyear’s infamous plastic space wings that sprout from his back in both bag designs.

But keeping up with today’s fashion trends, Danielle Nicole invites shoppers to delve into this Buzz Lightyear Belt Bag that retails for $58. The bag is adjustable to wear around the waist or across the chest, and it’s also perfect to carry safekeepings close by with its main top pouch and a front zipper pocket.

The Buzz Lightyear Backpack is probably the most nostalgic piece of them all, throwing the design all the way back to 1995 for the film’s original release date. This Danielle Nicole design is derived from the scene when buzz is first brought home as "the new toy" in his original Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger packaging. The bag features adjustable shoulder straps and a handle at the top in addition to an interior zip pocket. This stunningly shimmery backpack comes retails for $78.

All of the styles in this short, sweet, and sentimental line for Toy Story fans exhibit both of the characters in their toy’s prime shelf life. No matter how old you get, you’ve certainly got a friend in all three of these bags.

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