Traveling This Year? With Sleek Luggage, You'll Have 1 Less Thing to Worry About

Traveling This Year? With Sleek Luggage, You’ll Have 1 Less Thing to Worry About

When you have the right bag, traveling doesn’t have to be stressful. It doesn’t matter if you’re checking a suitcase or just carrying on, great luggage is a cornerstone of an easy trip; it makes all the difference. You want something that’s not too heavy and is easy to maneuver and identify, because yes, I personally have had someone else pick up my bag by accident at the airport. So, I learned my lesson, and now my luggage is a critical part of my trip. It also basically never leaves my sight, if I can help it. Whether you’re going strictly carry-on or checking a plethora of bags, you’ll like these 13 styles.

We found hard luggage, soft luggage, and even luggage without wheels, though we’d mostly recommend that for quick weekend trips. The styles are both functional and actually cute; they might even make you excited to get to the airport. Whether you prefer sleek, minimal options, or want a bright, vibrant bag, we’ve found 13 options you’ll absolutely love.

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