‘Unique’ baby name spurs countless jokes – like if the child is ‘machine washable’ or picked from a Sears catalog | The Sun

A NEW mom got sympathy from the internet after sharing her baby's unique name on social media, gaining a big reaction.

The inspiration behind the name wasn't revealed but many believe the young mother is a big fan of blue jeans.

The unidentified mother revealed the odd name choice while sharing her childbirth experience online.

A screenshot of her post has since been reshared on Reddit, where users are mocking her baby name.

"I'm 23, and I had such an incredible birth experience as a first-time mom, vaginal and unmedicated!" read the original post.

She went on to share the baby's controversial name without any hint that she realized it was unusual.

"Indigo Cotton was born 7.11.22 and 8:07pm," she wrote.

Redditors were quick to mock the name, noting that the particular combination of first and middle is unfortunate.

"Your kid is now a blouse description in a Sears catalog," wrote one.

"Is he machine washable?" asked another.

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"Indigo? Fine. I don’t like it but it’s fine. Cotton? You named your child after a clothing option," wrote one more.

A few pointed out that Indigo Cotton lends itself perfectly – albeit oddly – to using "Jean" as a nickname, while others fixated on the pre-Civil War America connotations.

"It’s giving antebellum," wrote one.

"I feel like this quirky free spirit got married barefoot on a plantation," wrote another, while a third quipped: "BRB writing a list of 'Cash Crop Baby Names.'"

"Continuing the theme her next child will be Tobacco Sugarcane," joked one more.

Another called it ridiculous, with one asserting it "sounds like something I’d name my hamster when I was 4."

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