Versace Brings Its Spring Underwater Pop Dream to Shanghai

A VERY POP POP-UP: Versace is bringing its spring brightly colored underwater world to Shanghai.

The Milan-based fashion house has opened a pop-up shop at the prestigious Plaza 66 luxury mall, which definitely can’t go unnoticed.

Featuring a bubblegum pink structure inspired by coral cladding, the temporary store carries a selection of the brand’s new La Medusa bag variations, as well as the Greca sneaker. Inside, a cash register stands out in the shape of a maxi Medusa head. Making this Barbie-meets-The Little Mermaid space even more attractive is the LED floor that reacts to the footsteps of visitors and projects ocean waves.

Versace pop-up shop at Shanghai’s Plaza 66. 

The pop-up, which will be open until April 11, will host a range of events. For example, a photo booth will be available for guests from April 4; a cocktail event will be held on April 6, and, in collaboration with Shanghai Fashion Week, a Chinese iteration of the Power Talks project, intended to amplify the conversation about female empowerment, will be organized at the retail destination.

The international edition of the Power Talks project will include recorded interviews shared on the brand’s social media accounts with the brand’s chief creative director Donatella Versace in conversation with a range of female personalities, including Irina Shayk, Precious Lee, actress and model Indya Moore, photographer Lucka Ngô, and activists Chelsea Miller and Nialah Edari.

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