We had no space for a bed in my son's room so we made our own using IKEA Kallax units… now he has proper storage too | The Sun

A CRAFTY mum has revealed how she turned two IKEA Kallax units into a double bed for her son – and it’s given him a load of extra storage too. 

TikTokker @mrss_claus shared how she was unable to find a bed frame to fit the small space, and so used two of the £45 shelving units as the base instead. 

In a new reel, she said: “The space was slightly too small for a small double bed (the length was the issue) so we did the IKEA hack.”

During the 17-second video, the savvy mum shares how she did it, starting by laying two of the 42×147 cm KALLAX units on their side with a gap in between. 

She then added one of IKEA’s single LURÖY slatted bed bases, priced at £25, to the top, and screwed this in place. 

Finally, she added the small double mattress and eight storage boxes from Amazon to the gaps in the shelves. 


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The content creator revealed that all they have left to do is add a headboard. 

Fans loved the mum’s crafty idea, with the video gaining more than 43,500 likes and 947,700 views. 

In the comments, other TikTok users shared their praise, with one writing: “Yeah, that’s smart.”

“Great idea, I used to love doing things like this but older now and not got the energy but miss it so much,” another said.

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A third wrote: “I did the double one so my son could have a nook underneath to play in. Best thing ever!”

Someone else commented: “My son would love.”

She’s not the only one sharing their unique uses for the popular IKEA unit – Charlie took to TikTok to share how she turned her’s into a miniature wardrobe for her daughter’s nursery. 

She said: “Just wanted to show how I turned this IKEA Kallax unit into a wardrobe for my daughter’s nursery. 

“So my idea was to remove a section of shelving to put in rails so that we could hang the clothes up. 

“I removed the top of the unit and started removing the shelves. 

“The gap that we’ve created is going horizontal, and obviously we need it to be vertical, so we flip the whole thing over onto its side and this is what it looks like. 

“For the rails, I ordered these tension rods from eBay.

“They’re really easy to put in, all you have to do is just twist them until they’re tight, and then they just lock into place. 

“And this is how it turned out. 

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“I’m just going to get some nice baskets and decorations for the shelves, and I can’t wait to start putting all of her things in it and making it look nice.”

Fans loved her crafty idea, with the video gaining more than 23,200 likes and 377,900 views.

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