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A TEAM of savvy shoppers have revealed how you can save hundreds on your last-minute Christmas food shop.

While most of us have got the goods in already there may be a few things forgotten on the list you'll have to run out and get now.

And savvy shoppers have revealed how you can stock up on the Christmas feast on a budget.

Mum-of-three Emily Walker, 35 from Pembrokeshire revealed she's saved almost £200 making a few simple changes to her food shop.

She told Latest Deals she doesn't buy a Turkey and prefers to go for different meat at Christmas which started buying in November – which helps save her money.

Emily also has been stocking up on chocolate for the holidays from Amazon.


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She added: "I have been ordering bulk chocolates off Amazon which has definitely saved money and due to the current inflation I have realised buying bulk meat has been more cost-effective right now, especially frozen meat."

One tip the mum shared was to buy frozen meat and vegetable if the fresh options are too expensive.

Her favourite supermarkets to shop at for Christmas are Aldi and Tesco.

The mum said: "In the past, I have seen my bill come to over £300 for groceries lasting over this two-week period.

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"However this year my festive shop has come to just £106.40! I believe I've saved a good £200 this year just in food which will definitely come in handy with the rise in energy costs."

Emily also recommended finding out when your local supermarket puts out yellow-sticker items and to shop own brand items.

Another savvy saver, Laura Gaga, 42 from Greater London, revealed she always buys her Christmas food reduced using yellow-sticker items.

Laura added her favourite supermarket to find reduced items was Tesco, where she's found a variety of Christmas goods marked down.

She said: "I mainly go to Tesco for these shops.

"So far I have bought 2 different brands of vegan-friendly mince pies; one pack reduced from £1.50 to £1.20, another £1.75 to 88p.

"Plus I got a Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cake, £8 down to £6.40, and Sheesy Arancini Balls, £4 to £1.44.

"All of this is in the freezer for the big day. While I was there I also picked up Garlic Bread Stuffing, £1 from £2.15, and I couldn’t resist buying myself an advent calendar reduced from £2 to 60p."

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To make sure she doesn't miss out on any more bargains, Laura plans to scour the supermarkets for reduced Christmas items over the next few days.

LatestDeals.co.uk Co-Founder Tom Church added: ‘All is not lost if you need some last-minute bargains, as supermarkets are doing some amazing deals on vegetables right now – probably to clear out their stock – so even if you will have too much for the day itself it’s worth getting the discounts in, slicing the veg up and placing it all ready in the freezer so you have a little stockpile in for the New Year.’

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