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INK gurus have listed the tattoos they're fed up of doing over and over again – has yours made it on the list?

The designs for tattoos are endless – you can choose from a loved one's name to a special date, dainty flowers or something inspired by mythology just to name a few.

But according to experts in the industry, there are inkings they're tired of having to do – and ladies, there's a popular one that's a big no-no.

The gurus at 3 Ravens Tattoo & Piercing salon (@3ravenstattoo), based in Georgia, the US, took to TikTok to share their ink faux pas.

Amongst some of their least favourite designs, the video revealed, was the viral infinity symbol, as well as watercolour splatters.

You might think of the two as adorable and cute options, but for the professionals they're quite dull – and can be messy.


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Sharing their no-nos, the US ink fanatics also mentioned coordinates and calves, adding that the latter can be quite ''twitchy'', making the job harder.

Another design you're better off steering clear of is semicolon – it's just as boring as the infinity symbol.

When it comes to fine line and dainty tattoos, the beauty experts also revealed they're not particularly keen on doing birth flowers.

Has your inking made it on the list? Well, some TikTok users saw their tattoo in the video – and they were not happy.

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One woman hit back, saying: ''I have two of these and I’m kinda offended.

''I have a semi colon and if anyone knew what it meant nobody would be laughing like that.''

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Someone else agreed, writing: ''No one wants to be judged by their artist.''

''Not me having an infinity symbol with dog paws surrounded by watercolor splatter,'' a woman chuckled.

Another reckoned the artists were too grumpy, commenting: ''All I hear is "I don't like doing my job".''

''These kinds of videos make me scared to get a tattoo because I'm afraid the artist will be secretly hating me for what I pick,'' a fifth penned.

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