What you read first in this new word search reveals your future in your workplace – with projects or praise in store | The Sun

LOOK closely at this word search to discover how your career will pan out in the future.

The first word that stands out to you in this optical illusion could say a lot about what your workplace will look like in the coming days.

With less than half of the calendar year remaining, hardworking ladies and gents could be curious about how their job will shake out.

This crossword designed by UK-based company Instant Print has several hidden words that could catch your eye at first glance.

It's important to note the word that you immediately notice as that could indicate it means something significant to you.

For example, if you saw the word recognition, that's a sign that you need to keep going and give the work your all.

According to Instant Print, a boss or important team member will give you recognition as long as you don't slow down.

If you saw praise, this means you're already killing it in the workplace, and will be encouraged by coworkers.

"Continue on like this and you'll be climbing the ranks in no time," Instant Print wrote.

The word opportunity is floating around in the puzzle, and this one means that you would see yourself set on a new path soon.

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Whether it's a new responsibility or a new job, be on the lookout for signs that you can make big career changes.

Those that first saw caution should take a step back and analyze all of the projects they are working on.

Before you take on new responsibilities, make sure everything on your plate is wrapped up neatly.

The word project means that a new opportunity could be coming which can invigorate your workplace environment.

And the word spotlight could indicate that it's time to speak up about everything you've been working on.

Another coworker could mistakenly be assigned all the praise for your work, so maybe be more vocal about your accomplishments.

If you saw romance, a tryst could be budding with a coworker, but this of course comes with responsibilities.

Take your time and get to know your potential suitor, making sure to handle the situation maturely and wisely to avoid office gossip.

The word friendship could be a sign of a similar story, but obviously one that's much more tame.

Instead of only chatting about work and responsibilities with this person, get to know who they really are to create a relationship that lasts.

And finally, if you saw rest, that means it's time to take a break to recoup.

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