Why Kourtney Kardashian's 'curvier' look will make her 'more accessible' amid family 'craziness,' expert says | The Sun

KOURTNEY Kardashian’s fuller figure is an attempt to distance herself from the Kardashian brand, a body language expert has said.

She thinks the married mom has realized her siblings' pursuit of “perfect beauty” isn't relatable and hasn’t given them lasting love.

Recently, Kourtney, 43, has been busy showcasing a different look and curvier body to her fans on her Instagram account.

The reality star's seductive underwear shots have been promoting her new brand, Lemme, with her boobs spilling out of her outfits.

On Easter Sunday, Kourtney also appeared to show off her new curves once again while pushing her boobs into her low-cut bra, beneath a pastel dress.

Similarly, the Hulu star appears to have changed her hair and makeup.

Today Kourtney sports a messy platinum blonde bob that's free of extensions and compliments her natural look.

Kourtney’s followers have reacted positively to her transformation with one commenting: "I love how natural you are and authentic. Real raw pictures."

Analyzing recent photo's of Kourtney in an exclusive interview, body language expert Judi James told The U.S Sun: “Kourtney’s re-brand includes these new curves.

“She’s using them to promote her products like her Lemme gummies on social media.

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“This all suggests Kourtney sees her curves as a huge source of confidence and power.

“The traditional Kardashian brand has always been about presenting a standard of imagery that’s out of range and reach for most of their fans.

“Kourtney’s newer, curvier, more authentic look might make her feel more in touch with, and accessible to her fans.

“One year on from her wedding to Travis and Kourtney has done as much as possible to shape-shift her image.

“From the Gothic bride at her wedding in her corset mini-dress and heels performing tongue-twirling kisses with Travis in a bid to shock the world has gone.

“Kourtney has now replaced her look with a bare-faced, bleached bob.

"It's an echo of a fresh-faced, bleached-bob, seventeen-year-old.

“Kourtney’s new image harks back to before the Kardashian brand craziness kicked off.

"This was the time when her sisters started to want to look so perfect.”

Just like her KUWTK sisters, Kourtney has transformed herself over the years.

From her first appearance on the show in 2006, the eldest Kardashian sibling has been known to switch up her hair, makeup, and style.

She has also been vocal and searingly honest about how she feels and sees her figure at different times in her life.

After gaining 40 lbs following the birth of her three children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, Kourtney told how she took to breastfeeding, healthy eating, and working out.

On her website Poosh, she wrote: “The most important thing is to listen to your body and to do what you’re doing for you, not for society’s standards of getting your body back because they are unrealistic.”

Then through the pandemic, Kourtney claimed she was happy with her body when it felt bigger.

“This is the shape of my body. I gained a few pounds over this quarantine time, and I love my body and I’m proud of my shape,” she explained in a YouTube video at the time.

After she and Travis Barker, 46, wed in May and began IVF, Kourtney was candid about putting on weight.

“I used to be, like, 95 pounds,” Kardashian said at the time before adding: “And then 105 became my new normal weight. I’m 115. I used to be, like, stuck on the number.”

In the past, the reality TV personality also told how she feels “cringey” looking back at her skinnier self.

But she also addressed being “super anxious” and her “toxic relationships.”

More recently, Kourtney’s new shape and style came as she announced her new spin-off series on Hulu which will show rare footage of her glam Portofino wedding.

Our expert notes Kourtney’s body language and shape show she’s happily married:

“Kourtney looks like she has done a total sweep-back to something natural, raw, and even vulnerable-looking,” adds Judi.

“This suggests some change of values and emotions, too, and likely because of her relationship.

“Despite her scruffing up her hair and keeping almost make-up-free, we’re still shown perfect skin and a soft, happy facial expression on her Instagram feed.

“The visual and emotional reversal to her teenage years shows up at times on her Instagram feed.

“In one image it’s the way the sleeves of her top are pulled over her hands.

“This is a gesture common with teenagers, showing a desire to hide and a sense of shyness.

“The hands tend to reveal a lot about the inner emotions, so best to keep them hidden if those emotions are conflicted.

“Then there is that hand-to-face gesture.

“This is cute posing for the camera, implying a sense of or a desire to look vulnerable.

“When we act cute we’re hoping to avoid controversy or attack, so Kourtney might be wanting to step away from any controversy right now.

“This recent image shows more of a young girl than a woman in her forties.

"Kourtney shows a huge, pouting kiss to camera which again suggests a desire to be liked.

“All of this looks in direct contrast to the more controversial version of Kourtney that we saw before and during her wedding to Travis."

Analyzing Kourtrney's Instagram photos, Judi adds: "In one recent photo, we’re also shown wide panoramic views of places of space and silence and the calm look of solitude as Kourtney studies art in a gallery.

“This could imply a desire to breath, take stock and even escape and want to go back to basics.

“Her most recent pics with Travis and Reign show a much more real version of Kourtney, rather than the selfie version.

“With Travis walking in front, still sporting the rockstar look, Kourtney’s transformation is even more obvious as she walks behind.

“Swathed in a huge t-shirt and baggy checked pants that are tucked in the leg of one boot but not the other, she clutches Reign’s hand tight.

“Her thumb is cocked and rigid and her lips looked pursed, suggesting tension that could be caused by the cameras.

“She looks natural in every sense here, with no desire to showboat or sexually shock.

“Maybe Kourtney noticed during her life with her sisters that ‘perfect’ beauty was no guarantee of a ‘perfect’ marriage.

"She may have realized that it doesn't lead to wall-to-wall relationship happiness.

“Her re-set is aimed at finding something more honest with Travis.

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"Kourtney's body language and styling look as though she’s doing a 180% reverse.

"It looks like she's going back to basics.”

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