Woman blows minds as she reveals the part of your fridge you're forgetting to clean – and it'll save you TONNES of money | The Sun

A WOMAN has left people mind blown after revealing the part of the fridge you're probably forgetting to clean.

Amanda took to TikTok to share a video explaining the hack, which she insisted "could save you a tonne of money".

"I learned this from my parents as a first-time home buyer," she said.

"We just pulled out the fridge and yes, naturally things will collect.

"But this is what I want you to focus on."

She then showed a dust-covered metal grate at the bottom of the fridge, as she said: "Behind your fridge is where the compressor is and if it gets like this, you’re likely going to burn out your compressor.

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"Which means, if you like food, say goodbye to a lot of money.

"So grab your hoover and get cleaning."

After hoovering up the dust on the grate, she said she was going to unplug the fridge the next day and hoover it inside – after unplugging the fridge.

"My parents coming through with the hot tips to save money!" she captioned the video.

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"Thank you for your tips," one person commented on the clip.

"Learning as I go and had to share," Amanda replied.

"How often?" another asked.

With Amanda responding: "I would say just set a little calendar notification every spring about this.

"Once or twice a year should have you covered."

"I just discovered this last week!! Apparently I hadn’t pulled out the fridge in a long time," someone else laughed.

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