Woman creates stunning secret library nook in her bedroom and it only cost £30

A DIY loving woman turned an empty cupboard in her bedroom into a cosy reading nook – complete with fairy lights and a mountain of fluffy throws and cushions.

Roisin Frame and her partner moved into their first home together just over a year ago, and have slowly been decorating rooms throughout.

The couple wanted to make use of the otherwise wasted space, while creating a cosy place they could go to read.

Sharing the finished look on Facebook, Roisin revealed how they already had the paint and the bookcase, which was in another room, so the total cost was just £30.

To make the bookshelf fit, the couple said they "cut the top off" and popped it inside the secret cupboard.

They filled it with their favourite books, added fairy lights for effect and completely covered the floor space with cushions and a fluffy blanket creating the perfect spot to sit and read.

Posting in the DIY On A Budget Facebook group, Roisin wrote: "Me and my partner bought this house together 14 months ago and other than decorating the living room/ bedroom hadn’t done much.

"We had this massive cupboard in our room and I decided to turn it into a reading nook- or book nook as he likes to call it.

"We had the paint already and the bookcase was in another room, so we cut the top of and brought it in. Only cost £30 for the jigsaw and an extension! Weekend project done. I’m really happy with the result."

The space is also decorated with a couple of extra bits, including a record player and a candle, making it an ideal spot to chill out and relax.

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