Woman left in tears by lady’s savage comment at the gym who thought her headphones were on but she heard everything | The Sun

A GYM goer was left in tears after accidentally overhearing another woman’s savage comment about her while she was working out. 

TikTok user @_the_joel took to her social media account to tell the story, as she recalled her emotional reaction.

@_the_joel filmed herself in the car in the immediate aftermath with tears on her face, as she opened up to her 437,500 followers.

In the video titled ‘not the girl on girl crime,’ the woman, who was still glassy-eyed, explained: “I just had my first gym ‘mean girl’ interaction and I did not handle it the way I thought I would.”

She then shared the exact details of what had happened while she was minding her own business during her workout.

The social media user said: “So I was going to use the hack swap machine, but some guy was right next to it but he was packing up.”

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@_the_joel then asked him if he was still using the equipment so that she didn’t jump in. 

He replied saying that was “just finishing up” and was going to clean it before she used it. 

She continued: “I was like, ‘Ok, you can just leave it, I’ll wipe it off for you.’”

He gratefully accepted and @_the_joel continued to prep the machine for her to use.

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However, things then took a turn when a girl – presumably his partner – approached him and made a face, wrongly thinking @_the_joel was distracted by her music.

@_the_joel went on to explain: “During this time, my headphones are on, but my music is paused.

“I heard him say, ‘she was just asking for the machine’.”

 “She giggled and was like, ‘I didn’t think you were flirting with Killer Sally.

“There’s a docu series on Netflix of Killer Sally – she’s a bodybuilder that killed her husband. 

“I thought Sally was pretty but I could tell she didn’t mean it that way,” she continued.

She then said that previously she had thought that if she was insulted in the gym she would have “whacked them upside the head with a dumbbell.” 

However, she admitted that the woman's cruel comments “hurt her feelings.”

She later wrote in the comments: “I was in shock really.

“I thought that kind of stuff wasn’t real but by golly. Hope it never happens again.”

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@_the_joel then urged her followers not to do the same and to think about how their words might affect someone else.

She ended the video with the words: “That’s that. Don’t bully people in the gym, please.”

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