Woman raves about £1 Poundland nails from the Jess Wright range & claims people say they look professionally done

WITH nail salons shut in lockdown, many women are turning to DIY alternatives to achieve their beauty looks. 

And shoppers have been raving about Poundland’s £1 fake nails from the Jess Wright range, which people say look professionally done. 

A woman uploaded a photo of her red-coloured set that she bought from the bargain store. 

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she said: “Ladies anyone else struggling with fact you haven’t been able to have your acrylics done during lockdown like I have ??

“I bought these a few weeks before lockdown from the pound shop and cannot believe how nice they are and I’ve had so many people say they look like I’ve had them done!

“Had a few different colours In stock.”

Many people were highly impressed with her beauty find, particularly given the low price point. 

One person said: “I used these all the time they age amazing.”

Another added: “Lovely.”

Jess Wright’s beauty range with Poundland also includes fake tan, face wipes and false eyelashes. 

Meanwhile, women who have ruined their nails with gels rave about £12 reusable manicure that doesn’t damage your talons.

And Primark fans are going wild for their £2 false nails, which they say last for weeks.

Meanwhile you can now get dead insects painted on your nails to make them look like fossils.

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