Woman reveals how to increase storage space in your bathroom for just £7 – and it’s ideal for big families

A WOMAN has revealed how to create storage space in your bathroom for just a few quid, and it’s a lifesaver for big families. 

The woman, called posting under Shesthecarpenter, explained she was forced to share a ‘tiny’ bathroom with numerous other people as she’s in the military.

Sick of not having any space to store her shampoo and shower gel, her mum shared an incredible storage tip which has 'blown her away'.  

She revealed all you need is an extendable shower rod, some plastic baskets and shower rings, which you may already have lying around. 

She shared a clip to TikTok sharing her mum’s hack, saying: “Um YES! so smart. Space and money saver.

“Total was £7 ($15).” 

She said: “Ok my mind is freaking blown. If you share a shower with anybody, your family, your roomates, whatever, watch this video it’s for you.

“My mom found the best, I don’t know where she found the idea, but it’s like $15.”

She films herself grabbing all the essentials in-store, before heading back to her shared bathroom. 

“Buy a shower curtain rod, shower curtain rings, and four basket,” she said. 

You simply put up the shower rod inside the shower, and use the hooks to attach each plastic basket, giving everyone their own bit of storage.

You can add more baskets as necessary, and it allows you to neatly stash your bubble bath without taking up valuable tub space, or buying a piece of furniture. 

She added: “I had to run out to do this today because our tiny military housing bathroom has NO storage.” 

Her tip has racked up more than seven million views, as people raved about her mum’s idea. 

One person raved: “I love this. I’m gonna do this because everyone in my house cries about someone using their soap. We all get our own basket.” 

While another commented: “I did this with command hooks and wire baskets for my kids toys and bath items. 4 years and the same hooks are still going strong!”

A third wrote: “I think it’s amazing! I’ve done this in my kids bathroom because they all have their own basket.”

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