Woman shares easy hack to fix a broken nail… and it's all thanks to a 1p kitchen buy

A WOMAN has shared a quick and easy way to fix a broken nail – and all you need is a teabag.

Dena, who frequently shares images of her impressive talons on TikTok, took to the social media site to explain what she does if she accidentally breaks one of her nails.

"I was weightlifting at the gym and I ended up breaking one of my nails so I’m going to show you guys how to fix it with the teabag method," Dena began.

All you need to try out the hack yourself is a teabag – which cost from around 1p in the supermarket – some nail glue, a pair of tweezers and a nail file.

"I start by filing the sides and then gently on the surface – only where the breaks are," she explained.

"Then I cover those areas with some nail glue and let it dry."

Once the glue dries, she files over those areas, before adding another layer of nail glue.

Using scissors, she cuts a rectangular part from the teabag.

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"I apply it over the wet nail glue using tweezers and I push it down," she continued.

"Then what I like to do is squeeze out some glue and push down the teabag as I go."

Once the glue is fully dried, she once again files it down, until it's completely smooth.

To finish the process, she uses some rubbing alcohol to wipe off the excess, and the nail is completely fixed.

If you don't have a spare teabag to hand, you can try the same process with toilet roll or kitchen roll.

"I do this but with with paper towels," someone commented on Dena's video.

"Make sure it’s double ply. Take a super small piece. Remove the first ply and cut into the shape needed & glue."

Others praised Dena for the hack, with someone writing: "I love it it’s like a little nail bandage lol."

"Where have you been all my life… my nails finally grew long and nice and i had to cut them all shorter cause a few broke," another woman added.

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