Woman shares easy hack to keep your room cool in the heatwave using tin foil – but some claim it’s dangerous

STRUGGLING to sleep through the heatwave? Well fear not as plenty of helpful TikTok users are coming forward with their tips for combatting the heat.

And one woman has revealed how you can make any room feel instantly cooler – although some claim her tip is ‘dangerous.’

TikTok user Mohealing, from Seattle, revealed her trick for instantly cooling down a ‘sunny room’ in your home.

Speaking in her video she said: “Doomsday hack, well Seattle heatwave hack but same thing. Take some aluminium foil and wet the shiny side.

“Stick it on your windows, take some cardboard or some kind of material to use as an insulator to keep the heat out.”

Fellow TikTok users were seriously impressed with the hack, with many admitting they had been using it for years.

“It really does work! My dad did this as a kid!” commented one.

Another added: “My Mexican mom has done this for me since I was a baby, I never understood until I got my own room and didn’t foil them.”

“Such a helpful tip! I loves it,” added a third.

However, there were a few who warned that the hack could cause serious damage to your home.

One commented: “Make sure to not do this inside if you have double pane windows, they will crack. Put the foil on the outside instead.”

Another warned: “Unplug any and all devices/ electronics that you’re not using. Even if you’re not using them, leaving them plugged still pulls electricity.”

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