Woman shares ‘secret restaurant hack’ for cooking the best steak – and everyone’s saying the same thing

HAVING a steak in a restaurant almost always tastes better than cooking one at home.

One woman, has revealed on her TikTok account,
tammylouiseee, how restaurants apparently cook their steak so that they stay tender and moist and so you can copy it at home.

In the video Tammy begins by taking an entire stick of butter and smothering it over one side of the steak.

She said: "Forget going out to eat at fancy restaurants, this is the best."

Tammy massages the butter into one side of the steak and flips it other and uses ANOTHER stick of butter to cover the other side.

She encases the entire steak in butter so that there is about an inch thickness of butter all over the steak.

Tammy then uses taco seasoning to cover the butter steak and warms the pan to a low heat.

Tammy then places the steak into the pan and almost instantly, a pool of butter appears.

She seasons the other side of the meat and adds onions into the pan.

She flips the steak over and turns up the heat.

Tammy adds another stick of butter to the steak, she had used two already.

Her friend asks: "Does the butter soaks into the meat?"

Tammy replies: "The butter soaks. It's going to make it creamy, yummy, all good."

She leaves the stick of butter to absorb and melt on top of the steak as the rest of the butter creates a swimming pool for the steak to cook in.

She flips the steak one more time and when she takes it out the pan it does look juicy.

Tammy said: "Milkshakes don't bring boys to the yard. Steaks do."

But most people commenting under the video said she used way too much butter, and lots of people claiming to work at restaurants said they had never seen this be done before.

One user exclaimed: "My arteries clogged just watching this."

Another user responded: "Restaurants don't do that, I've worked at restaurants and that's not the way they cook. That's just how she cooks, she just wants more followers."

Another user, irked by the video wrote: "GUYS I WORK IN A RESTAURANT AND I CAN CLARIFY WE DO NOT DO THIS."

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