Woman sparks debate saying she knows exactly when men choose to get married but it has nothing to do with being in love | The Sun

A WOMAN has sparked a debate after suggesting there’s a science to when men decide to get married – and it has nothing to do with how in love they are. 

Taylor Herd revealed her “theory” on Tik Tok and it has been met with both praise and criticism.

The podcast host claimed that “men marry the woman in front of them at the time they are ready to get married”.

She heard the theory from a wedding photographer who is used to being up and close with grooms.

Taylor explained: “She's obviously been at a lot of weddings and she observed that the men were marrying the woman in front of them at the time they were ready to get married.

“Implying that that wasn't necessarily that man's soulmate or that man's love of his life.

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“It was just the girl he was dating at the time he was ready to get married and settle down.

“When a man decides that he is financially and emotionally ready to settle down and ready to start a family, he takes a way different approach to dating.

“That part of his brain that thinks ‘oh wait, there's another girl out there’ shuts off, because now his focus is on marriage.

“It's not on finding the next best thing.”

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The video on her account @taytalkspod has garnered over 4 million views and attracted almost 6,000 comments – but not everyone agrees with her.

One man weighed in: “Nah. I worked to get back to the woman I wanted to marry.”

Another echoed: “I refuse. I will never marry a woman that I don’t know is the one. I won’t even date a woman if my heart is with another.”

However, lots of women shared their experiences of dating a man who wasn’t ready to settle down – suggesting the theory is true. 

One said: “Yes and the woman who checks the boxes of what his family, religion, circle expect of him. He will reject the girl he loves if she doesn’t fit that.”

A second recalled: “God so true. My ex was ‘never ready’ in career, life, etc for marriage. Can guarantee he’ll marry the next girl.”

A third penned: “I’ve heard it and seen it. My ex literally married the next girl he dated after I ended things. I asked why and he said he’s going to be 30 soon.”

Taylor regularly posts videos discussing relationship issues, such as heartbreak, forgiveness and being single on big occasions.

Her video theorising on why men get married is her most viewed one to date.

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