Woman’s amazingly easy hack to save more than £5k a year – and all you need is 100 envelopes

TIKTOK has really turned up when it comes to offering tips and tricks, and one thing it's proven useful for is money-saving hacks.

One in particular that's captured the attention of many is the super simple envelope challenge which has savvy budgeters saving up to £5,000 a year without even realising.

TikTok user Emma jumped on the trend after seeing it done on the platform, and she showed just how easy it easy for anyone to do.

She bought two packs of envelopes from Amazon and wrote the numbers one to hundred on them, which she will use to save her money.

She then shuffled them up so the numbers weren't in order and the idea is to pick out two a week at random.

Then, you simply put the amount it says on the envelope inside it – whether it be big or small.

"Today, I got two, £2. Not too bad for today," she says in teh clip.

She then puts two £1 coins inside the envelope and seals it up before saying, "This means, by this time next year I would have saved over £5k."

While many people loved the hack, some pointed out that some weeks simply wouldn't be possible – particularly if you picked out two large amounts.

One person said: "£5000 a year means you're saving £400 per month. Not many people can do that. This 'trick' is only for people who can afford that."

Emma agreed, however argued that she "looked at it as a challenge", and said: "A challenge should never be easy."

So, if you're up for the challenge, why not give this one a go. You'll be pleasantly surprised after one year just how much you manage to put aside.

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