Women more likely to try to date better-looking partners than men, research finds | The Sun

WOMEN are more likely than men to try to date a better-looking partner, a survey has revealed.

About three quarters of men using dating sites will try to match with a woman more attractive than they are.

But more than eight in ten women have tried punching above their weight by hooking a “better-looking” man.

On the flip-side, men are twice as likely to try to meet women they consider less attractive than themselves.

But only a tiny proportion of female daters will accept a match with an ugly man.

However, four in five singles will find a match if they are prepared to date someone they would not initially consider on looks alone.


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The survey by dating app GenieConnections.com showed singles were more likely to find lasting love if they dated a partner of equal attractiveness.

Dating expert Lorraine Adams said: “Most couples say their long-term partners didn’t meet their usual physical type.”

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