You can buy heated mittens for £7 which you can charge up on the go and get five stars on Amazon

IT'S freezing outside, and that means it's time to invest in new winter gloves.

But before you head out to buy a classic knitted pair, you may want to know that you can now get heated mittens.

  • Heated mittens, £8.99, Amazon – buy here

The gloves come with a USB 5V powered port, so you can warm them up by plugging them into your phone or laptop – or a portable charger if you're on the go.

They have heating pads on both sides, keeping your palms and the backs of your hands equally cosy.

The pads heat to around 40°C, which company Petyoung claims is "keeps your hands warm but not hot".

Not only that, but the top halves of the fingers are removable.

This means you can use them while typing on your phone – or even in your office if the winter mornings are proving too frosty for you.

The best bit? They cost just £8.99 on Amazon.

They've already racked up a number of five star reviews, with one shopper writing: "These gloves get warm enough to keep your hands warm, but not so hot as to burn you. I love these! 10/10 would purchase again"

Another said: "Nice gloves, I love that they turn into mittens. Warm up SO fast. Going to be great in winter, will just have to remember my battery pack!"

While a third wrote: "I love these as I often get really cold hands and these toast my fingers nicely."

Meanwhile, you can now buy a heated mouse mat and it will instantly improve your work life.

Plus we told you how Amazon is selling battery-operated heated underwear to keep you warm this winter.

And if you need a little extra cosiness Aldi is also selling a heated throw to keep you warm.

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