You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the cat hidden in the bedroom | The Sun

SOME landlords can be strict when it comes to house pets.

One TikToker found a creative way of disguising her cat when it's time for an inspection.

TikTok user Gosia, who operates the account 5crazycats, shared a video of her stuffed animals lined up on her bed, but there was a real animal in the mix.

Gosia captioned her video: "When your landlord is coming for an inspection and doesn't allow pets."

"Can you see Larry?" the TikToker asked her followers, as she panned her camera across the wall of stuffed toys.

The stuffed animals included several toy cats, but the real feline is barely visible in the pile.

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You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot which sweet isn’t real

If you're peeling your eyes looking for the sneaky cat, look closely towards the bottom of the video.

Just before the camera reaches the love heart bear, you can just about see a pair of eyes peering out from the lineup.

Larry can be found lounging in between the bear and the duck, just underneath a plush black and white cat.

Gosia's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the camouflaged cat.

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"You did a really good job, I thought I was losing it," commented one viewer.

Another user said: "I do not believe that there’s a real animal anywhere in that."

"Wow, I just found him with the help of the comments," wrote a third person.

If you're looking to tease your brain even more, there's another cat hiding in plain sight in this video.

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