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HAVE you ever wondered if your brain works differently to everyone else?

Well, a picture puzzle is proving just this and it's baffling everyone because no-one can decide on how many squares there are in this drawing – but how many do you see?

A Playbuzz user has divided opinions with this mind boggling optical illusion as users try to count how many shapes are squeezed within the image.

While maths may not be everyone's favourite subject, participants are simply asked to add up how many squares they can see.

At first glance, the diagram seems to show a grid with two extra squares drawn in the middle – but once you take a closer look, you'll end up seeing a whole lot more.

As you try to add up all the squares, see if you can figure out this brain teaser:

A set of plastic squares is put in front of a mirror but, rather than reflecting what we see in front, the glass reflects cylinder.

Bizarrely, when the shape is turned around, the images reverse and to make matters worse, the video then shows more symmetrical shapes being added, creating a whole new illusion.

A set of four squares becomes overlapping cylinders and two interlinked squares becomes two SEPARATE cylinders.

Not surprisingly, this mind-bending illusion has been driving people absolutely crazy.

Luckily, you can stop scratching you head as another clever boffin has revealed the secret behind the confusing images is “reverse engineering”.

Devon, from 3D printing company Make Anything, proved that one side of each cylinder is shaped like a square and the other is more circular.

At the same time, He explained: “Two of the sides are arching upwards, while the other two dip downwards and that basically ‘corrects’ this hybrid ‘squircle’ into either a square or a circle by compensating in opposite directions, which means it blends back into a square or circle when the true shape is right in between.

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Now to reveal the answer to how many squares there actually are…

And the answer is 40.

The grid is made up of eight small squares, 18 single squares, nine 2×2 squares, four 3×3 squares and 4×4  squares.

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