You’ve been cleaning your duvet wrong – and it’s likely you’ve been sharing your bed with yeast, mould and bacteria

WE spend almost half our lives in bed, which means we really should be making sure it's as clean as possible.

Spring is a great time to get cleaning and it's just as well it's around the corner as it turns out our bedrooms are a hotspot for yeast, mould and bacteria.

Many people change their bed sheets once every few weeks, but experts at online-bedroom, stress it's important to be changing them weekly.

Not only should you be changing your bed sheets, but you should also change your mattress every seven years.

Although they are expensive and not particularly exciting to buy, there's a good reason you should replace yours.

Mattresses can be a nesting place for yeast, mould and bacteria say the experts.


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As well as microbes, skin cells and food particles that are transferred from our bodies, gravity also plays a part in the bacteria accumulating on our beds.

Particles of dust and debris floating around the room also settle on your mattress, making it a hotspot for germs.

The experts explain that your pillows can even harbour more germs than a toilet seat in just seven nights.

Thankfully, the bacteria found here are just a build-up of saliva, skin cells and sweat.

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Nic Shacklock told the Mirror: “It is no secret that germs live all over our houses, however, there are lots of hidden spots that we may not ever think about during our cleaning rituals.

The most surprising spot in your bedroom that's filthy is your bedside table lamps.

Often they are forgotten about when spring cleaning and can collect a huge amount of germs and bacteria, as can curtains and pillows.

The experts recommend disinfecting your lamps once a week, as well as cleaning your curtains, pillows and bed sheets regularly as the bacteria can lead to enhanced allergies, unpleasant odours and skin issues.


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