You've been making ice cubes wrong – woman shows how to fill your trays with NO spillage and it blows viewers' minds

A WOMAN has revealed how she has been pouring ice cubes wrong for years but has now discovered a handy hack to avoid spillage. 

She made a TikTok video showing her "revolutionary" trick to fill up ice trays perfectly – and it is blowing people’s minds. 

The US-based woman, known as Brittnaenae on TikTok shared her 10-second “how-to” clip, and it has racked up 4.3million views. 

In the video, she asks: “Am I just dumb? Or did nobody know this either?"

She shows how she places the ice tray under the tap and lets the water flow on the flat spots in the centre – which help separate it perfectly into the different segments. 

The woman explained: "These little flat spots on ice cube trays are where you're supposed to fill the water.”

Using her hack, the water slowly fills up each slot, without splashing water everywhere. 

She said she had been making the “mistake” of filling up each slot individually her “whole life”, and many people said they have done the same.

One said: “What the heck? This is revolutionary! This just changed my life."

Another added: "How did I not know this? I've definitely been doing it the second way."

However, one said the flat spots were actually to ”stack more trays on top of each other.”

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