Ziggy Chen Men’s Fall 2021

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Chinese designer Ziggy Chen, inspired by the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, a UNESCO world heritage site, fused natural and architectural influences in a wardrobe for the 21st-century gentleman.

His softened-up three-piece suits, in a patchwork of natural fabrics sourced from small producers, had the look of worn-in military uniforms with their rows of contrasting buttons. Spliced in two different check cloths, they took on the attitude of an English nobleman, minus the stiff upper lip.

The wide pants and textured silhouettes nodded to a utilitarian register, while the rounded necklines of vests and patterns featuring shadowy bamboo foliage or ink-like prints were a subtle celebration of traditional Asian motifs.

Ziggy Chen Men's Fall 2021

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Flaps of fabric — in the place of pockets on some looks, or featuring as panels on the rear of the chunky outerwear pieces in the collection — could be buttoned down for a more discreet look or hang free to reveal contrasting inner panels, making for a distinctive style feature.

The lineup had an understated edginess while channeling a sense of serenity that resonates with our times, proving that Ziggy Chen is a designer to watch.

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