Zoflora warns cleaning fanatics NOT to try a ‘dangerous’ common tip for scenting homes

CLEANING fans have been warned against trying a new “dangerous” trend of adding boiling water to Zoflora to scent their homes. 

People have raved about trying out the disinfectant’s numerous aromas by adding them to jars. 

The manufacturers say you should not mix the disinfectant with boiling water as the results “have not been tested”.

Zoflora can be picked up for as little as £2.50 from Sainsburys and comes in a range of scents from Mandarin and Lime to Fruity Summer Berries. 

According to the Zoflora website: “Our 3-in-1 action formula kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that can cause illness and create bad odours, as well as filling your home with a beautiful long-lasting fragrance for at least 24 hours.”

Taking to a cleaning tips Facebook page, one homeowner warned: "Can't believe I'm having to write another warning…. please, please, please… do not mix Zoflora with boiling water.

“It is a disinfectant, it is not meant to be inhaled.

“I am obviously not talking about when being used for cleaning, I am talking about leaving it out on a counter all night with the sole purpose of the ‘fragrance’ filling the room/house."

She added: “If you want your room to smell nice, use a wax melt?

“Rather than advocating on Instagram to leave Zoflora sitting in boiling water to release its fumes all night?”

One person said: “Honestly still can’t get my head round how people are practically huffing household disinfectant.”

A second commented: “Boiling water creates steam, Zoflora is in that steam and is shouldn't be inhaled.

“A lot of people here stating that they get headaches /asthma reactions when they use it.”

A Zoflora spokeswoman said: "We do not advise using Zoflora with boiling water as this has not been tested, and could potentially negatively impact the ingredients within Zoflora and the vapour they release.

"The use of boiling water offers no benefits in terms of the disinfecting properties of Zoflora, and we therefore recommend using with cool or warm water.

“All of our recommended product uses are related to the elimination of bacteria and viruses as Zoflora is an effective disinfectant, and we therefore do not recommend any use which isn’t aligned to the function of this type of product.”

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