34 Instagram Captions For Throwback Selfies & Showing Off Good Times

Taking a fire selfie will never go out of style. As an expert photo taker, you’ve likely mastered snapping just the right angles of your outfits in your standing mirror and captured the golden hour light perfectly in makeup selfies. It’s safe to say your camera roll has a bunch of gems stored away that you never posted. So, these Instagram captions for throwback selfies will give you a reason to share and remember all the good times.

Your throwback selfies might include you and your crew enjoying fruity sips on the beach or a pawsitively adorable selfie you snapped with your best furry friend on a fall foliage hike. You might even post a pic of your fresh winter haircut from a few years back that you can pair with a throwback caption like, "Believe in your-selfie."

The fun doesn’t stop there. Since they’re throwback pictures, consider giving your posts a vintage feel by playing around with different photo filter apps like Huji Cam or VSCO. It’s a great way to really bring on the #TBT vibes and help your photos stand out on your followers’ feeds.

After you choose your fave selfies in your collection and decide what filters fit best, use any of these Instagram captions for throwback selfies to celebrate the old mems.

1. "Vintage me."

2. "Still chillin’ with the same crew."

3. "Throwin’ it back to the good times and tan lines."

4. "Poll: Should I bring back this trend?"

5. "Who’s ready to recreate this mem?"

6. "Love your-selfie, always."

7. "Little old me."

8. "Still rocking this look."

9. "Remembering these sweet moments."

10. "The year of loungewear."

11. "Some things never change."

12. "Missing my partner in wine."

13. "When my hair was long AF."

14. "Forever grateful for these amazing people."

15. "Let’s replay this moment."

16. "I’m still not over these selfies."

17. "A few years ago today…"

18. "Anyone have a time machine I can borrow real quick?"

19. "Why did I sleep on this photo?"

20. "Someone hand me the tissues ASAP."

21. "Sorry can’t come to the phone right now, living in the past."

22. "Feelin’ nostaglic AF."

23. "Loving the mems."

24. "More moments like this, please."

25. "The vibes were immaculate."

26. "Same me, different year."

27. "This is a love letter to my besties."

28. "We came, we saw, we snapped away."

29. "My best mems are with my besties."

30. "Cheers to old laughs and to making new ones."

31. "I’m actually still laughing at that joke."

32. "Sorry, not sorry for this selfie dump."

33. "These photos have me #inmyfeelings."

34. "Living in the past for a bit."

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