A dreamlike bookstore in China is being compared to iconic fictional worlds, and the photos are mesmerizing

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge bookstore diptych with Harry Potter

  • Instagram users are comparing a new bookstore in Sichuan, China, to scenes from a Harry Potter film or an M.C. Escher illustration.
  • Architecture studio X+Living designed the space based on the local landscape, lead architect Li Xiang told Insider.
  • Reflective surfaces make the space feel much larger and more open than it actually is.
  • Called Dujiangyan Zhongshuge, the bookstore is the one of several outposts designed by X+Living for Chinese bookseller Zhongshuge.
  • Take a look inside the mesmerizing, mirrored space.
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A dreamlike bookstore that just opened in Sichuan, China, is being compared to scenes from iconic fictional worlds.

Source: X+Living

The two-story space designed by Shanghai-based studio X+Living is lined with row after row of glowing shelves that appear to extend indefinitely thanks to mirrored ceilings and a shiny black tiled floor.

Source: X+Living

Commenting on an Instagram post by studio founder Li Xiang, several people likened the space to something out of the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Source: xlivingart

One user called the space "a combination of the Great Hall and Room of Hidden Things" from Hogwarts.

Another called it one of graphic artist M.C. Escher's dreamscapes "come to life." M.C. Escher is most famous for sketching "impossible constructions" like never-ending staircases, according to the M.C. Escher Foundation.

Source: xlivingart, M.C. Escher Foundation

Xiang herself calls the bookstore "magical."

Source: xlivingart

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