A Peek Inside Vanderpump Rules Fame Tom Sandovals Lifestyle

Tom Sandoval was best known as Vanderpump Rule’s most theatrical bartender, but now he’s even more famous for cheating on his longtime partner Ariana Madix, and his finances could be at risk. Most Vanderpump Rules fans know that Sandoval has spent more than a pretty penny on his new restaurant, Schwartz & Sandy’s. Amid so much public blowback, there’s been a question of whether the restaurant will survive. Sandoval’s net worth has grown substantially $4 Million according to Celebrity Net Worth but has also admitted to being in substantial debt.

However, the bigger questions regarding Sandoval’s income might be about how his lousy behavior affects appearances, media offers, brand endorsements, and the future sale of his Los Angeles home. Lisa Vanderpump, Vanderpump Rules’ namesake and matriarch, has stood by Sandoval while admonishing his actions. Her loyalty hinges undoubtedly on her partnership with Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. The partners’ restaurant, Tom Tom, became the show’s crowning achievement. Vanderpump shared at the season 10 reunion that she did end up giving Schwartz and Sandoval their original investments back due to their financial circumstances.

Sandoval is at risk when it comes to Schwartz and Sandy’s and the dissolution of other projects amid his ostracization in Hollywood. Time will tell, however, if the tides will turn. In entertainment, all news can be good news, and the spotlight is on him. Sandoval’s cover band Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras, may be leaning into wedding gigs for now, but there could be a light at the end of the tunnel. Sandoval’s business is tied to Vanderpump, and his pivotal Bravo contract for Vanderpump Rules appear secure.

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Personal Ventures Could Suffer

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Tom Sandoval and The Most Extra is one of Sandoval’s most consistent forms of income at the moment; However, his cast mates have hinted that the project could cost more than it earns. According to Reality Titbit, the band sells tickets for $35 apiece. Fans across the internet have debated whether showing up to the reality stars’ shows is morally wrong considering Sandoval. While many carry “Team Ariana” signs, they still purchase tickets, and Sandoval recently touted that his Detroit show at District 142 Live sold out. However, other shows have struggled to sell out offering two for one tickets and Tom still pays his band’s hourly rate and finances every aspect of the tour.

Vanderpump Rules co-star Lala Kent speculated on her podcast, Give Them Lala, that Sandoval is jealous of the brand endorsements and media attention Madix has received. She shared, “Behind the scenes, he’s been wondering why he wasn’t invited, trying to get invited, to the White House Correspondence Dinner” and “why he’s not doing certain talk shows.”Even if Sandoval does not fall into financial ruin, he’s falling behind his Vanderpump Rules co-stars. Notably, Madix has made a fortune off of Scandoval. Kent, Scheana Shay, Katie Maloney, and even Jax and Britney Taylor have been along for the ride with pieces of the action, from Uber One ads to endless merchandise.

According to Yahoo Sandoval told The Hollywood Reporter in 2020 that “It starts as club appearances, and suddenly you’re paid to post on social. A lot of changes.” A lot has changed once again. These celebrity media projects can become essential to reality stars’ income. With smaller sources of income like media posts and appearances dwindling, Sandoval is undoubtedly stressed.

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Joint Ventures Continue to Thrive Post-Scandoval

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There is a decent foundation for Sandoval to fall back on. Sandoval has earned $25,000 to $30,000 per episode for Vanderpump Rules since contract negotiations in 2018 and 2019. That means Sandoval made at least $425,000 this season alone. It won’t be surprising if recent events provide leverage for another salary increase in time once current contracts expire.

It’s hard to imagine Sandoval wouldn’t return for another season of Vanderpump Rules, considering he is at the heart of the show’s current story. Vanderpump may be financially secure but she knows the show’s success hinges on key cast members continued presence. Vanderpump Rules’ popularity was waning since a plague of racism scandals in 2020. Getting back to its roots, cheating scandals have revived it. If Sandoval can reclaim his PR narrative by season 11, his finances could take a turn for the better.

The nationwide attention on Scandoval will close and open doors to other entertainment projects. Rumors were swirling that Sandoval and Schwartz committed to film Bravo’s Winter House alongside Family Karma’s Brian Benni. While the business partners and friends previously had a cameo on the show, there was a possibility of becoming full-time cast members. Now there are reports that Schwartz is filming alongside Benni but not Sandoval.

Schwartz & Sandy’s Recent Success Hints At Hopeful Future

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In the short term, Schwartz & Sandy’s may have suffered from Scandoval. However, Scandoval could benefit all of his restaurant ventures alongside Tom Tom and SUR in the long term. Sandoval and Schwartz boasted at the reunion that the restaurant has seen somewhat consistent business, despite claims otherwise. While “Team Ariana” graffiti pops up from time to time, customers are still coming. There’s still hope for Schwartz and Sandy’s to have a run at becoming one of Los Angeles celebrities favorite restaurants, like its’ predecessors.

What Will Happen To His Los Angeles Home?

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The future of Sandoval’s $2 Million Los Angeles home is one of the most uncertain aspects of his financial landscape. Sandoval explained on Vanderpump Rules that he had put the home up as collateral for Schwartz & Sandy’s. While Madix trusted that this would not affect her, Vanderpump herself worried Madix didn’t fully grasp the process.

Vanderpump shared on the show, “I’m not sure that Ariana quite understands the concept of putting your house up as collateral. If they default on their loan, then the bank never goes and takes half the house back. It’s like, ‘Ariana, you stay in bed. We only want Tom’s half.’ It doesn’t work like that.” The lender can seize Madix and Sandoval’s home if he fails to repay the loan under the contract terms. Sandoval has indicated that he is far from paying back his mother’s $250,000 investment with the restaurant’s profits. With this in mind, the future of the property looks risky. However Maloney and Schwartz sold their modern farmhouse for $2.45 million.

Sandoval will likely bounce back financially from this challenging chapter in his life. However, the current moment is precarious. Whether he is turning a decent profit from his band’s performances remains to be seen. If one thing is certain, his continued presence on Vanderpump Rules is the only pathway to true financial security in the short term.

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