Aldi is selling a scalloped velvet bed at half the price of a designer version

If you’re anything like us, then spending 24/7 inside your house has got you noticing all the bits about your decor that you don’t like.

Maybe your sofa is worn or your bed in out-dated and you want something to add some glam to your home?

Well, if your bedroom is the focus of your annoyance, don’t worry.

Aldi is now selling a stunning dupe of that pink velvet shell bed everyone’s been lusting after.

The budget supermarket is flogging the art-deco piece for a fraction of the cost of other high street furniture retailers.

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Aldi’s version of the bed comes in at £249 for the standard double or £349 for the ottoman version which has storage underneath.

The bed comes in three colours – blush pink, a royal blue and grey.

And, it’s remarkably similar to the Delia bed from which costs £549 – and is currently sold out.

MADE’s kingsize ottoman version is in stock, however, but costs £749.

The larger versions at Aldi will set you back between £299 and £399.

And, the supermarket bed still features the beautiful vintage-style scallop detailing on the headboard and gold legs (for the standard version).

The ottoman-style bed rests on the ground to make room for the storage space.

But, you won’t find this SpecialBuy down the middle aisle in Aldi stores.

It would be a bit big, if we’re being honest.

The beds will be sold online only with delivery costs starting from £6.95, so make sure you factor that into the cost.

The beds will go on sale from January 28, but may be pre-ordered from the week prior (that’s tomorrow, by the way).

And, matching items in the same colour range will launch at the same time including a scalloped chair, barstool and side table.

We are dying to get our hands on all of them!

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