Aldis dig at M&S as caterpillar cake war ad sees Colin and Cuthbert scrap

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    Aldi fans were left reeling when they reignited the famous caterpillar cake wars with rival supermarket M&S.

    In a new advert launched just yesterday (April 28), Aldi's Cuthbert the caterpillar is brought to life by an actor dressed up in a green costume.

    He hosted a party with friends to try the controversial caterpillar cake, which bears a passing resemblance to M&S's iconic version, Colin.

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    Cuthbert asked his friends, Wiggles (Sainsbury's) and Morris (Morrisons) for their opinion about the cake and fans were quick to notice the brutal swipe at the rival.

    "We like this chocolate caterpillar cake don't we, Wiggles? he asked and she nodded: "We do, Cuthbert, we do."

    Then he continued: "And we like this don't we, Morris?"

    "Oh yes Cuthbert!" the pal answered.

    At this point, the party went quiet as people noticed someone coming over — and it's Colin.

    "Alright Cuthbert?" he said.

    The scene ended in an ugly fight before it cut to show "Aldi, like M&S. Only cheaper, on cakes that look like caterpillars."

    On Aldi's TikTok page, both Colin and Cuthbert gave an interview to the press.

    Colin frowned and said: "I'm not proud of what happened in there. It was…urgh…I shouldn't have done."

    Cuthbert shared: "We used to be really close. I think he struggles.

    "He was so used to being the number one in the picture so when I came along, you know

    "I mean it's not my fault I'm a cheaper alternative."

    Colin pulled a frustrated look and added: "The stuff happened, you know with the thing… you know, and we don't need to talk about it, everybody knows."

    The "Cuthbert vs Colin" is a longstanding legal battle that started in 2021 for intellectual property rights.

    The court case was settled in 2022 with Cuthbert returning to shelves with a slightly tweaked appearance – and Aldi even put up a cheeky Christmas ad to take a swipe at M&S.

    Fans enjoyed watching it and begged Aldi to make it a "mini series".

    "Aldi marketing needs a raise," one said and a second added: "This makes me want to give my money to Aldi. But I also feel for Colin."


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