Americans' hilarious reactions to King Charles coronation

‘We have no idea what’s going on… but we’re here for it!’ Americans share their hilarious bewilderment and delight at King Charles’ ‘Disney movie’ Coronation

  • Americans were equal parts baffled and delighted by Saturday’s Coronation 
  • Some compared The Princess Diaries, an Anne Hathaway film  

The pomp and circumstance of King Charles’ Coronation bewildered and delighted Americans who woke up early on Saturday to watch the historic event. 

Many took to Twitter and TikTok to share their equal glee and confusion as cable news hosts like Savannah Guthrie and Anderson Cooper muddled up young royals’ names and mispronounced elements of the ceremony. 

There were live stream viewing parties with tiaras, comparisons to Ru Paul’s drag race and comparisons to both Disney films and The Princess Diaries. 

Here is a round-up of some of the sweetest – and funniest – reactions from across the pond. 

 TikToker Matta of Fact hosted a live stream for her 1.2million royal enthusiast followers  

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