Amy Hart reveals what happens if Love Island contestants need to nap during the day

While theLove Island villa may befilled with enough cameras to capture the contestants grabbing each other for a quick chat orsneaking off to steal a kiss, the ins and outs of the popular ITV2 show remain shrouded in mystery.

Luckily, former Love Island starAmy Hart has taken to social media to shine a light on some of the lesser known secrets from the show.

29 year old Amy,who explained what girls do if they get their period in the villa earlier this month, has been busy answering burning questions from her fans over on TikTok.

Most recently, the reality TV personality explained what happens if contestants want a nap or siesta during the day.

Speaking of the issue, Amy, who called herself “the nap queen”, explained: “You can nap in the afternoons outside. You can’t go inside for a nap but you can nap outside.”

However, with surprise eliminations regularly taking place, nap taking wasn’t all fun and games when it came to contestants attempting to make the most of their time in the villa.

“We would have slept all afternoon and then that night someone would have gone home.

“Then we’d be like ‘right, we’ve wasted our day. Oh my god this could’ve been our last day in the villa and we would’ve slept the whole day. That’s it, we’re never napping again. That’s it, we’re going to enjoy every minute’,” she said.

But proving that old habits die hard, and that the Spanish sun is enough to make the most energetic people sleepier than normal, these promises hardly ever came to fruition, joked Amy.

“Then the next morning, we’d get up and go outside and in 10 minutes we’d be like ‘so, we could nap in the morning and then enjoy the afternoon’.”

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Given that filming for the dramatic recouplings can take place late into the night, it’s no surprise that the Islanders are fans of catching a quick rest while on the daybeds.

During OK! ’s weekly Instagram Live Q&A with Winter Love Island contestant and OK! columnistShaughna Phillips, the stargave fans a glimpse inside the long days.

When asked how long it took to film the recoupling scenes, she explained: “They take hours, I would say it depends on how many [couples] there are. It could be an hour and a half to two hours.”

She added that filming sometimes took so long that she could “hear birds chirping” as the hours of the early morning took hold.

“You can hear the birds start chirping and you're like 'oh my god, I should really be going to bed right now’,” she said.

“I remember there would be times when some of the girls would sit on the beanbags and one of us would literally cry 'cause we're so tired, and you've just got to kind of wait for one more thing to happen and if that one scene or that one conversation takes ages, you're just like 'just do what they're asking you to do 'cause you're just knackered.”

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.


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