Angry viewers lash out at This Morning's segment on 'lunchtime Botox'

‘What happened to the cost of living crisis?’ Angry viewers lash out at This Morning’s segment on ‘lunchtime Botox’ as some say they can’t even afford a meal deal

  • This Morning viewers were not pleased with This Morning’s segment on Botox 
  • Dr Amiee Vyas came to the show to inject staff member Fleur with treatment 
  • Comes as John Lewis is advertising Botox consultations for between £195-£325
  • Viewers said ‘irresponsible’ to promote the procedure that many can’t afford

This Morning angered viewers today by airing a Botox consultation amid the cost of living crisis. 

Cosmetic professional Dr Amiee Vyas was invited on set to demonstrate how the anti-ageing treatment is injected, after John Lewis announced it will offer Botox consultations costing from £195 in their stores. 

Dr Amiee performed the non-surgical ‘tweakment’ on a member of This Morning’s team named Fleur as hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby looked on. 

The moment was meant to be light-hearted, however, viewers were not pleased, with many feeling outraged the show would promote it as ‘lunchtime Botox’ when people are fighting to make ends meet.  

This Morning was called out by angered viewers after it aired a live Botox consultation today, as some said the segment was ‘irresponsible’ 

People said the segment was irresponsible and others criticised the show for covering it at a time where the country is struggling with a cost of living crisis 

Dr Amiee gave her thoughts on the rising popularity of Botox treatments, saying: ‘through the lockdown, people have been looking at their faces so much more. 

‘But these days, it’s so much more about how you feel within yourself.

‘Treatment and tweakments like Botox become part of self-care. It’s as normal as people going to the dentist every six months for a check up,’ she said. 

The professional added there is ‘a lot less stigma around it.’

Dr Amiee Vyas, who dispensed the procedure, said Botox should always be performed after an initial consultation to assess suitability 

She said people would trust John Lewis to offer the service because they were part of the British heritage.  

She said the brand is ‘known for doing their due diligence.’ 

The retailer is offering Botox consultation, with prices ranging from £195 for one area to £325 for three.  

‘You have to have an appointment, a full medical consultation before to check suitability, the treatment and then aftercare,’ Dr Amiee said. 

This Morning staffer Fleur, right, volunteered to have the procedure done on her live on air today 

The cosmetic professional and Phil addressed the fact John Lewis has ‘reportedly’ said it would offer discounts on other procedures. 

Dr Amiee admitted offering discounts is not ‘best practice,’ however, she said John Lewis would have vetted the doctors dispensing the treatment.  

She added the treatment would last between three to six months, and moved on to injecting Fleur with the product. 

Viewers were not pleased with the segment at all, and many said it was ‘irresponsible.’

Others also took issue with the fact the show branded the treatment ‘lunchtime Botox’, as they said the show should have focused on covering the cost of living crisis. 

‘Kinda irresponsible for This Morning to be promoting Botox on morning TV,’ one said. 

‘Lunch break cosmetic procedure? I can barely afford a chuffing meal deal,’ one wrote. 

‘This is the pinnacle of capitalism. Congratulation,’ another said. 

‘What happened to the Cost of Living Crisis, This Morning? Plenty of money for unnecessary botox though,’ one said. 

 ‘They are they promoting this,’ another asked. 

Viewers were not impressed with the segment with some calling it ‘the pinnacle of capitalism’ and others saying they could barely afford a meal deal, let alone Botox on their lunch break 

John Lewis offers Botox treatments  

Retail giant John Lewis will soon be offering Botox injections for customers at six of its UK stores – costing as little as £50.

The department store, which already offers some beauty treatments like eyebrow shaping, is expanding its offering to provide the anti-ageing procedure.

The retailer said its treatment expansion follows an increasing interest from customers in anti-wrinkle treatments.

Stores in London, Edinburgh, Milton Keynes, Southampton, Kingston and Cambridge will offer Botox to customers, along with other treatments.

Shoppers at these stores will also be able to pop in for laser hair removal, facials and some other beauty treatments.

However, the service will only be available to book if you are over the age of 25.

Before having Botox injections, which are being provided in partnership with the Cavendish Clinic, customers will also have to take part in a consultation – and any injections will be administered by doctors.

Jason Wilary-Attew, head of beauty at the department store, said there was ‘increasing awareness and demand’ among customers for beauty treatments.

He said: ‘In the last two years, we’ve seen an at-home beauty tech boom and launched our first ever beauty tech department with LED light masks and facial toning devices.’

He added the store had partnered with Cavendish Clinic, which he described as a ‘trusted, medical clinic brand’ to provide the service.

Anyone looking to make an appointment will be looking at £195 for Botox in one area of the face to £395 for three areas of the face.

For a small area like the chin dimple, the price is much cheaper at £50.

As well as Botox injections, other dermal fillers will be offered to customers – including in the lips and nose.

Prices for lip filler range from £295-£395 while a nose reshaping treatment will set you back £450.


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