Ariana Grande’s make-up artist shares three-step secret to her perfect brows – and this £7 product does the work

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If you follow Ariana Grande on Instagram then you’ll know the star doesn’t often give us a look into her make-up routine, so we’ve been waiting patiently to get some intel on how she always looks so flawless.

Her make-up artist Ash K Holm just pulled through by sharing a three-step how-to guide on creating perfectly fluffy eyebrows – and the finished results are very Ariana-like.

The tool Ash uses is US brand Velour’s new 3-in-1 Fluff ‘N Brow Pencil, £20 plus postage here, but luckily for us without easy access to a Sephora, the NYX Professional Makeup 1-in-1 Brow Pencil, £7.70 here, is a near-perfect bargain alternative.

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The three steps are also incredibly easy. Start by taking the brush end and using it to fluff the eyebrows in an upward direction. Next you use the tinted wax (or powder, if you’re using NYX) end and work it in, in a back and forth direction to lightly saturate all your natural brow hairs.

“I don’t always like to go in with the pencil side when I’m doing a more fluffy, bushy look,” Ash says.

This is why having this slightly tinted wax or powder in the mix will help you create a less defined look that you’d get from a pencil.

Her top tip is then to push the balm (or powder) a bit more into the direction the hairs are going, concentrating on the tails of the brows where you want more of a saturated colour.

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If you are using NYX in place of Velour, we suggest giving the finished look a balmy-looking finish rather than a powdery one. You can do this by brushing through a bit of wax, like Revolution Soap Styler, £6 here, which will also help set the look in place.

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If you do fancy splurging a bit on Velour’s Fluff ‘N Brow Pencil, it comes in six different shades so you’ll likely find your perfect tone. NYX’s Brow Pencil also comes in an impressive seven different ashy and dark shades.

It might be worth investing in a multi-use pencil like these as fluffy “supermodel” eyebrows aren’t looking like they’ll go out of style any time soon. Ash’s other clients include the likes of Kim Kardashian-West, Chanel Iman and Shay Mitchell – and all seem to favour this particular brow look.

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