Artist draws hyperrealistic portraits with her hands and feet simultaneously

When you’re bored you might pop on Netflix or force yourself to do the laundry.

But this artist from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, took a different tact.

Rajacenna taught herself how to draw hyper-realistic illustrations using her hand and feet – all at the same time.

Incredible videos show the ‘quadri-dextrous’ artist using all four limbs to complete six drawings which look just like photographs.

Rajacenna, who prefers to keep her last name private, started drawing at the age of 16 and says she taught herself to create the jaw-dropping art simply to ‘increase productivity’ and to stop herself from getting bored.

She said: ‘In 2019 the idea came to me to be more productive because I didn’t make any artworks for the previous years due to health issues.

‘I didn’t practice it at all and just started doing it.’

Rajacenna has earned over a hundred thousand followers on social media thanks to her talent and has appeared on chat shows all over the world.

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A brain scan showed that Rajacenna’s talent might be due to the fact that the different sides of her brain are more connected that the average person’s.

She said: ‘The connectivity between the left and right brain are totally connected and three times higher than normal.

‘So they exchange information at a very fast speed.’

The drawings of Rajacenna’s can take as many as 40 hours to finish.

She explained: ‘It’s constantly multitasking between all the drawing that I’m working on. I switch my focus back and forth.’

‘The latest pieces I created with pencils and paint. I don’t really think about the techniques I use.

‘I just try to make it look as accurate as possible which is much harder of course when you work on so many simultaneously.’

Her usual subjects are often figures from popular culture and she has produced portraits of the likes of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Billie Eilish, and Justin Bieber.

She said: ‘I always draw people that I love and inspire me.

‘For my other work, I love to create things from my imagination.’

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